I’m Back, but Different – Boston Musical Theatre

Photo credit: Spencer Williams

Way back in 2009…

I started a little blog called The Broadway Critic. At the time, there were very few theatre bloggers out there — maybe a handful. Almost 8 years later, the landscape, including the theatre blogosphere, is markedly different.  I remember when Twitter was new(ish) and Instagram wasn’t around yet… Facebook business pages were just catching on, and an iPhone was mostly used as an actual phone (gasp!) and not as a tiny computer. I also remember trying to build my own The Broadway Critic app (what a disaster!) and being so excited when my followers on Twitter hit 100! (Also, that’s when I liked Twitter.)

There were so many Broadway shows that didn’t have websites or any social media accounts. I wanted to be a part of the ‘media shift’ in how theatre was being produced… and I did, for four years. I loved every part of it.

And then my attention was needed elsewhere.


I began to focus on other writing projects like For Tonight, a new musical, composing, having a family, changing jobs, moving across the country — you know, important life things. I didn’t have the time or the focus that I needed to produce the content as I had intended/wanted. It was time to stop. I changed my Twitter handle; I closed up shop and moved forward.

And now, looking back, I have lost four years of my theatre-going experiences.

I’m gutted about it.

Shows like Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Off-Broadway & Broadway), Come From Away (San Diego & Broadway), Up Here! (San Diego), Half a Six-Pence (West End), Hamilton, An American in Paris, WaitressThe Last Ship, Bright Star (San Diego & Broadway), American Psycho, Bend it Like Beckham (West End), From Here to Eternity (West End), The Light Princess (The National Theatre), If/Then, The Bridges of Madison County, Stephen Ward (West End)and others weren’t written about. Some of my favorite (and least favorite) musicals are in that list and I didn’t get a chance to share what I thought.

Now, in 2017

My intentions with this site isn’t to tell you what to see or what not to see — that is your choice. My recommendation is to always go and see any type of musical theatre — children’s, high school, community, regional, revivals, new, touring, and Broadway. Go see them all.

My focus of the newly minted, Boston Musical Theatre, will be to present some interesting arguments and create continued dialogue about a theatrical production after I’ve seen it – mostly in the Boston area or on Broadway. I’ll also share with you why I connected (or didn’t connect) to the production. I love to see stories being told in innovative ways through music, dance and theatre. It’s a type of connection into emotion that we don’t allow ourselves to use on an average day.

Every theatregoer brings something unique to the table when they walk in to see a show. And every single person will walk out seeing a different show. That’s the magic. I know there will be many new shows that cross my path that will forever change me as a person like so many have before.

So… please comment, share, and bring your thoughts to the table. I want to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back, but Different – Boston Musical Theatre

  1. Great to have you back and I will look forward to receiving updates and information.

    Thanks for the emails.

    Best wishes,

  2. I have a musical theatre too. I am passionate about musicals. I love Newsies, Wicked, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Annie, South Pacific, Rent, Music Man, Pippin etc. My blog reviews musicals and analyzes characters and writes letters to characters and at times brings up my journey with musicals and so on.

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