Listen to new musical, “For Tonight” in concert at NYMF


When their parents both die of a mysterious illness that swept through their small Welsh village, surviving children Thomas, Haydon, and Nettie are forced to fend for themselves in a community that has largely shunned them. Thomas has taken control of the household, Nettie is coming into her own (and out of her shell) as a member of the community by selling her clothing she makes and Haydon wishes for something larger than this small town. Inspired by the gypsies who once shared their home, Haydon heads off to Liverpool, guitar in hand, to find what the world has to offer. There he meets Mirela, a beautiful young Romani woman who speaks to his wandering soul. However, when word comes that Haydon that his sister is deathly ill, he is forced to choose between the family and life he left behind, or the freedom and love he has found.

Listen to the show in entirety on Youtube, here. Or click on the videos below.



“Keep it In”


“Come Along”

“All This Time”

“For Tonight”

“Wait for the Morn”



“Suo Gan”

“Dark and Bright”

“Don’t Go it Alone”

“Don’t Forget Me”

“Will I Burn?”

“Oh Love of Mine”


“Suo Gan – Reprise”

“No One Knows”


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