How Many Shows Have You Walked Out Of?

Broadway 2013-14Until recently, I’ve never had the gall to walk out of a movie, let alone a live theatrical event. I was under the impression that even if it was extremely bad I would learn something from it. And sometimes that still rings true, but in the last couple of months, I’ve walked out of two productions at intermission and didn’t feel any guilt nor did I think I was going to miss something that was going to happen in the second act. If it’s bad production then I’m out.

And the weird thing is, it was actually quite liberating… freeing even.

(To be honest, I’d rather be at home watching Homeland or The Walking Dead.) 

I have seen some shows where the second act is markedly better than the first, and I’m very happy that I’ve stayed but both shows that I walked out of had no hope of getting any better and if it did, I’m not really sad that I missed it. The funny thing is both people that I was with didn’t want to ask to leave but when I said I wanted to, they were so relieved, and we were out of there in about ten seconds flat!

For me, the first production I left at intermission wasn’t telling the story. The director had completely forgotten why the audience was there. I was there because I wanted to be taken away on a journey and be in their world! It wasn’t there, so I left. 

The second time I left was because the show was miscast and I was frustrated with the musical direction and  direction to the point that I had no opportunity to connect with the piece. I was annoyed the entire time. It was a complete departure to what I had seen on Broadway and I wasn’t happy.

And so here it is folks: if you don’t have me by intermission, I’m out. I guess my 30’s have given me a sense of owning my time, and I’ve sat through enough bad productions in my 20’s that I’m not wasting anymore time — even if I’ve paid a $100 bucks.

If you’ve left a production at intermission, I want to know why? And have you ever left before intermission?!

Give us the gory details in the comments, I want to make sure I’m not the only one.


11 thoughts on “How Many Shows Have You Walked Out Of?

  1. What shows did you walk out of? I think you should tell, or are you getting in trouble if you do?

    1. Not necessarily in “trouble”… just wanted the article to be more about “walking out” and less about me trashing a particular show. The last one I walked out of was the new tour of Evita. Not a fan at all.

      1. The new tour of Evita I liked but it was my first time seeing it – and I love Josh Young. My wife on the other hand hated it and left super annoyed. Looking back after just sitting back and enjoying the show – there was no emotion to it. Made me glad I didn’t buy the tickets to see it in NYC – Ricky Martin would have made that so much worse I’m sure.

  2. Once, Merchant of Venice with F. Murray Abraham as Shylock. For starters I can’t stand Chicago’s Bank of America Theater – and this production you couldn’t hear a thing at all. So weird – and I’m a fan of Shakespeare, and new productions of it but this was bizarre. With TVs and cell phones and new media that didn’t seem to fit at all. So confusing. We left at intermission and went shopping and had drinks. Best decision ever. I wrote about it here:

    I *almost* walked out of Addams Family. It was their second day of the previews though so I was trying to give them some credit. Plus I paid a ton of money for those seats. And it was Nathan Lane and Bebe Newirth! I didn’t know if I would ever get a chance to see them again!

    I too am curious what you walked out of recently though!

  3. I think mine was when I was watching a school production of Macbeth. It was terrible! To begin with, the cast wasn’t so great, the stage directions and settings were so bad, and because the director wanted to be creative, he had the performance happen outside. To EVERYONE’s dismay, it rained. So, before it even went half-way, I walked out. I mean I agree with you about the whole idea of gaining experience, but that was just ridiculous.

  4. I’ve never walked out of a show! Too expensive and precious for me! But I’ve also never been to a bad show.

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